Books by Matt Schumacher

Sam is at the Door - 2019

I wrote, illustrated and self-published this picture book in July 2019.

Color, 36 pages

Ink sketches - 2019

A zine of various ink sketches I made in the first half of 2019. 5.5x7”.

B&W, 20 pages, 2019

a hungry bear finds its way into a neighborhood - 2018

I wrote, illustrated, and designed this little picture book about a hungry bear in a neighborhood. Available to purchase on my Etsy shop!

B&W, 28 pages

South of here - 2018

This is a zine I made in collaboration with Meredith Adams. It's a collection of 8 of her poems and 8 of my drawings. I also did the design/layout.

All My Plants - 2017

I made a drawing of each of my houseplants in the Spring of 2017, and turned them into a zine. I had only around 20 plants at the time, but I have many more now, so a sequel may be in order.

B&W, 24 pages