I'm currently doing commissions!

Email me at mattxschu@gmail.com if you want me to draw something for you. (Or if you have any questions!)

Here are some of my rates:

  • 4x6" ink drawing: $30, or 2 for $50
  • 5x7" House (or other building) drawing in ink: $60
  • 5x7" plant drawing in ink: $60
  • 5x7" ink drawing (your choice of subject matter): $80
  • 5x7" Portrait in ink (1 person): $100 (+$20 for each additional person)
  • 8.5x11" house/building/plant drawing in ink: $120
  • 8.5x11" ink drawing: $150
  • For digital drawing: same price as ink drawing +$20 (because of added time and printing costs) (digital drawings are full color).

These are suggestions, so if you want something that isn't listed here (like a different size, or a digital drawing that isn't printed) let me know, and we can work something out! I'm also open to discussing discounts for more than one drawing at once.

Contact: mattxschu@gmail.com